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Welcome to the Greatest Newsletter in the History of Newsletters

I wouldn’t be fooling anyone, including myself, if I said I was a master at trading the stock market. Hell, I don’t think anybody is a master of the stock market. If you see someone who claims that, they are lying and just want you to pay them money. If someone really was a master of the stock market, why would they ever sell their knowledge? If they are such experts surely they could just make millions trading.

The reason I bring this up is because the purpose of this newsletter (i’m not sure what to call it yet) is not to shill my stocks and push my positions on you. I want to create a place where I can share my detailed opinions and insights on a range of topics. What exactly will I be talking about? Well for the most part, I will be discussing finance, world events, and whatever I feel like.

On Twitter, I am limited to a small amount of characters. It is great for sharing brief thoughts/headlines, but it is not ideal for sharing detailed thoughts and discussion. I want this to be a place of discussion. So, I want you all to respond to my posts if you have an opinion on what is discussed. If you think my opinion is stupid, tell me why. If you think I am wrong about something, tell me why. The best way to learn is having real conversation with others.

In the near future, I plan on have articles guest written by other financial twitter personalities. Additionally, down the road there will be a Money Mnuchins podcast. So go ahead and subscribe! It is completely free, and you have nothing to lose. I look forward to discussing the world with you all.

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